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LaJohn "Smooth D." Manoy
NameLaJohn "Smooth D." Manoy
Location Dallas, TX
Member sinceJanuary 3, 2005
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InterestsMusic and the business of it.
Occupation Songwriter, singer, rapper, producer, publisher, manager, exec, Grammy Member

How many writing, singing, rapping, and producing C.E.O.s’ do you now. LaJohn “Smooth D.” Manoy can truly do it all. Starting his musical career at the age of 8 as a writer/rapper recording msuic for fun, Smooth has transformed his boyhood hobby into his adult profession. The “Emortul Spitter” has progressed as a writer and enhanced his skills as a rapper while obtaining additional skills as a singer and producer who can write & produce for himself and others. “Mr. Water” keeps his creativity growing by owning and operating his own independent urban record label, Emortul Entertainment. The “C.E.O.” posseses the knowledge and leadership qualities that are needed to sustain longevity in an ever-growing industry. With his emotion, dedication, artistic ability, and business-sense he will continue to be a detremental force in the music business.